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You’ve likely landed on this page for two reasons. First, you searched for the best paint protection for cars and found us (thanks to our mad SEO Skills) – or second, you’re a fan of Ceramic Pro and trust the information we provide in our blog. For that we say thank you!

Regardless of how you arrived at this blog, we can all agree that 2020 has been a year that most of us would prefer to throw away. But, it’s also a statement of fact that the need to choose the best product for protecting our vehicle automotive paint from minor scratches, harmful chemicals, UV exposure, natural toxins, and road grime is an important decision for those who love their rides.

The problem is – how do you weed through all the marketing lingo, exaggerated claims, and clickbait ads? Does car wax or a paint sealant hold a candle to ceramic coating or paint protection film? Which one makes a car wash easier? The solution is simple – learn the facts about the contenders for your hard-earned money. That’s what we’ll explore today.

In the information below, we’ll provide three important questions you should consider anytime you’re looking for the best paint protection products to maintain your car’s appearance. We’ll forgo car wax, paint sealant, or synthetic hybrid wax sealant products – as they’re not in the honest discussion of genuine protection solutions.

In the end, we’ll explain why the professional grade ceramic coating and/or paint protection film like a clear bra gives car owners the best bang for their paint protection buck.

How Should You Prep for Paint Protection Products?

Arguably the most important factor when choosing the best product to protect your vehicle is the condition of your vehicle. If you have a new car, truck, or SUV, it’s likely that the paint, plastic trim, grille, and other parts are not faded, scratched, or have damage. For those in that situation, the sky is the limit with the car paint protection options you can use.

However, if your car is older than a year, it’s quite possible that some visible paint issues such as light scratches may exist. If the paint job or car’s exterior is showing signs of damage, it’s always best to have a professional detailer fix it for you.

Does the Car Need Polishing Before Applying Paint Protection?

The best way to remove visible and barely noticeable damage like swirl marks, marring, or other paint imperfections on the clear coat is by polishing. Auto detailing experts refer to this process as paint correction, which is basically buffing out the imperfections that are etched in the clear coat of paint. Some of the common issues that are removed by paint correction include:

Swirl Marks: If you notice light swirls or spider webs on the paint surface under direct light, that’s called a swirl mark. It’s caused by using wash or drying media (like wash cloths, towels, or other materials) on the vehicle – that have tiny dust particles or other debris on them. The scratches are usually in the topcoat of the clear and can be easy to remove with polishing.

Stains: Sometimes natural contaminants like bug splatters, tree sap, or bird droppings can cause staining on the clear coat. This is due to the acidic nature of these byproducts. If these contaminants are not removed within a few days, the damage can start.

Light oxidation: If the vehicle is a few years old, it’s possible that the clear coat has begun to oxidize. This is caused by constant bombardment of UV rays, acid rain, and other natural elements. Depending on the level of oxidation, and the thickness of the clear coat on your vehicle’s paintwork – the damage may be repaired through paint correction.

A blue car with swirl marks vs repair completed with paint correction

The best way to determine if your vehicle needs polishing is to set up a consultation with a car detailer near you. They’ll be able to take a close look at the condition of your paint and provide a good plan that will ensure the car’s paint and other surfaces are in peak condition before applying the right paint protection solution.

How to Determine Which Paint Protection for Cars is Best for You

Once you figure out the current condition of automotive paint and other materials on your vehicle, and determine if paint correction is needed or completed, it’s time to pick a product to keep it in good shape. This is where the slew of options available to car owners can cause confusion and frustration.

So – to provide some levity to this important decision, here are a few questions you should ask – that believe it or not, will direct you to the best car paint protection option for your specific application.

Question #1 – How Long Will I Keep My Car?

Being a car owner is a something everybody anticipates. However, each of us has a preference on how long we keep that ride before upgrading or trading it in. Another important question to consider is how long you plan on keeping your vehicle. If you’re going to trade in your car, truck, or SUV in a few years, it might be better to look for a paint protection solution that will hold up for a few years’ vs a few months or a lifetime of protection.

If this is the case, the best paint protection option in 2020 and for 2021 is posted below.

Ceramic Pro 9H Bronze Package

This is the entry-point for superior paint protection provided by a nano ceramic coating. The bronze package of Ceramic Pro 9H gives your car a protective shield of 9H hardness on multiple surfaces beyond your vehicle’s paint. And that is really the value proposition for investing in a professional-grade ceramic paint protection product.

Unlike most protective coating options like car wax, paint sealant, or some hybrid spray-on products, Ceramic Pro 9H customizes our formulations and products to bond to specific substrates or materials.

The Bronze Package will give you a single coat on the car’s paint, the windshield (which helps improves hydrophobic properties – making it easier to see during rain storms), wheels (making it easier to clean brake dust and road grime) – with a 2-year Carfax documented warranty.

So – if you’re going to be a car owner for a few years – but want the best paint protection for your car’s paintwork while you own it – click this link to request a free estimate.

Question #2 – Am I Protecting a Collectable Car?

If you’ve recently purchased that dream car or completed a frame off restoration on a barnyard find, it’s quite possible you’ve already invested a ton of time and money. If this is the case, it makes sense to invest in a paint protection solution that will not only reduce the potential of scratching, but also block road debris from causing larger scratches.

This is the potency of paint protection film. A PPF is a thermoplastic urethane that is transparent and available with self-healing properties. It incredibly durable and flexible – meaning that it shields and protects your paint from damage caused by small rocks, gravel, asphalt, tree branches and other debris.

There are several grades of paint protection film on the market. Some of them are better at protection than others – especially Ceramic Pro Kavaca. This revolutionary product uses nanotechnology to provide instant healing of minor scratches. It does not ‘yellow’ or discolor due to excessive UV exposure and is more hydrophobic than other PPF’s or clear bras on the market. By applying a high-quality PPF, stone chips will be a thing of the past.

It can be applied to your paint, headlight covers, front grill, side-view mirrors, and other high strike areas. It blocks stone chips, reduces paint imperfections, and provides a protective coating that will not dilute the car’s appearance. It’ll protect your car from bug splatter better than carnauba wax and will keep the painted surface looking factory new once the PPF is removed.

Plus, PPF is engineered to last a long time – up to 10 years in most cases. However, if you’re looking for a lifetime of protection, add the Ceramic Pro 9H ceramic coating Gold Package on top of Kavaca paint protection film – to give your collectable or valuable ride the ultimate armor of protection. This also helps to expedite and simplify the routine car wash due to the superior hydrophobic properties.

If you’re not familiar with PPF, watch this video – as it’ll outline the facts about paint protection

For those that would like to receive a free estimate for paint protection film installed as your car paint protection solutions, click this link for a free estimate.

Question #3 – What if I Want to Do It Myself?

For those who prefer do-it-yourself paint protection options, the slew of options is saturated to say the least. When you search online for the best paint protection options, you’ll find a ton of articles that talk about how great DIY nano ceramic coatings are. Well, I can tell you without any hesitation or reservation that it’s more paid hype than reality.

Let me explain a little insider info.

There are several websites that provide “open and honest third-party reviews” on consumer products for car care. Some of them are genuine – and others – not so much. Many of these websites or blogs are monetized through two different options.

First – getting paid by DIY ceramic coating manufacturers for high rankings. In fact, the articles are usually written by the company – sent to the third-party review website, and they simply post the article.

Second – they get paid through Amazon affiliate marketing programs. This is common throughout the eCommerce world. The blog or individual will set up an affiliate program, find products that are popular, promote them as “the best – (insert the product here)” and always have a link to buy it through their website. Sometimes they offer a promo code to take advantage of a ‘special discount’.

If you decide your paint protection product based on websites with this information – it’s not a good idea. In fact, most DIY ceramic coatings are formulated uniquely, have different criteria for application, and often promote claims they simply don’t back with a warranty. That makes comparing them nearly impossible. If you make a mistake on installation with these DIY nano coatings, you’ll likely spend more money on removing them from the painted surface than you’d think.

To avoid this all too common situation, consider a spray-on ceramic coating – that can be used to maintain your professional coatings or used as a standalone product. Ceramic Pro CARE is a product that is easy to use, can be applied when the car is wet after a wash or when it’s been dried, and can hold up for six months.

It’s formulated with solvents that allow you to layer coatings on top of each other – which means the paint will continue to be protected against UV rays, maintain superior hydrophobic properties, and produce a brilliant shine on gloss finish paintjobs or increase the depth of your matte finish.

What’s the Verdict – The Best Paint Protection Option for Cars

Making the decision to protect your vehicle’s paint is one that is both proactive and smart. A good ceramic coating like Ceramic Pro 9H can protect your entire vehicle – inside and out for more than 5 years. In fact, there are packages available that will offer a lifetime of protection.

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